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Optimal Controller for Near-Space Interceptor with Actuator Saturation

FAN Guo-long, LIANG Xiao-geng, HOU Zhen-qian and YANG Jun
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 14, no. 3, pp.256-263, 2013

Abstract : The saturation of the actuator impairs the response performance of the near space interceptor control system. A control system based on the properties of linear tracking system is designed for this problem. The properties are that the maximum value of the pseudo-Lyapunov function of the linear tracking control system do not present at the initial state but at the steady state, based on which the bounded stability problem is converted into linear tracking problem. The pseudo-Lyapunov function of the linear tracking system contain the input variables; the amplitude and frequency of the input variables affect the stability of the nonlinear control system. Designate expected closed-loop poles area for different input commands and obtain a controller which is function of input variables. The coupling between variables and linear matrices make the control system design problem non-convex. The non-convex problem is converted into a convex LMI according to the Shur complement lemma and iterative algorithm. Finally the simulation shows that the designed optimal control system is quick and accurate; the rationality of the presented design techniques is validated.

Keyword : Actuator Saturation, the bounded stability, Optimal Controller

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