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  • Aim and Scope of the International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences

    The International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences (IJASS) encourages submission of papers addressing all aspects of aerospace science and technology, which include acoustics, aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, aerospace telecommunications, airworthiness and maintenance, avionics, combustion and propulsion, flight dynamics, guidance and control, flight simulation and operations, low carbon manufacturing, nano application, plasmas and lasers, research instrumentation and facilities, space exploration, structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, structures and materials, and thermomechanics and reacting flows. The journal also addresses the ground and flight tests of aerospace systems including aircraft, air ship, helicopter, microelectromechanical system, missile, satellite, rocket, and UAV.
    The Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences (KSAS) is the largest and the most prestigious society for aerospace engineers and scientists in Korea and would also like to maintain our highest standing in the English language journal publication by soliciting high quality research papers. As of 2012, IJASS is indexed by SCIE, SCOPUS and KCI.
    Starting from 2012 vol 13 (1), IJASS has been accepted for coverage in Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE). The Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences (KSAS) is pleased to announce that the publications of our journal, IJASS (International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences) have been selected for coverage in Thomson Reuter’s product and services.

    Publication Charge

    In order to maintain a high quality of IJASS, all manuscripts accepted on or after March 1st, 2015 will be charged a publication fee of $300 (300,000 KRW) for 8 published pages and $100 (100,000 KRW) for each additional page.
    The authors can apply for a waiver of publication charge when the paper is accepted for publication. Depending on the significance of the paper and the contributions of the authors to IJASS, a full or partial waiver of publication charge will be determined.

    English Correction Service

    English Correction Service of IJASS will no longer be available free of charge. All accepted articles submitted on or after March 1st, 2015 will be held for publication unless the Associate Editor handling the manuscript finds its English is suitable in its current form or the authors pay for the English Correction Service. The IJASS English Correction Service is $200 (200,000 KRW) up to 8 pages, and $50 (50,000 KRW) for each additional page.

    Beginning with Volume 13 (1), 2012, IJASS will be indexed and abstracted in:
    • Science Citation Index Expanded (also known as SciSearch®)
    • Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition
    • Current Contents®/EngineeringComputingandTechnology
    The journal solicits papers from a wide range of countries. Acceptance of a submitted paper will depend on a fair technical review and on the judgment of the editors.
    The journal solicits papers from a wide range of countries. Acceptance of a submitted paper will depend on a fair technical review and on the judgment of the editors. Papers must be written in a format appropriate for archival publication. Our review process allows these authors and editors an opportunity to use and develop their own expertise in a number of significant ways.
       Current Issue : Vol. 17 No. 3, September, 2016
    Table of contents(Vol. 17 No.3)
    IJASS, vol.17, no.3, pp.0-0, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Optimal Shape of Blunt Device for High Speed Vehicle
    Joo-Hyun Rho, Seongmin Jeong and Kyuhong Kim, vol.17, no.3, pp.285-295, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Experimental and Computational Study on Separation Control Performance of Synthetic Jets with Circular Exit
    Minhee Kim, Byunghyun Lee, Junhee Lee and Chongam Kim, vol.17, no.3, pp.296-314, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Active Flow Control on a UCAV Planform Using Synthetic Jets on a Flat Plate
    Junhee Lee, Byunghyun Lee, Minhee Kim and Chongam Kim, vol.17, no.3, pp.324-331, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    An Experimental Study on the Characteristics of Rectangular Supersonic Jet on a Flat Plate
    Ji-Young Kwak and Yeol Lee, vol.17, no.3, pp.324-331, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Design Optimization of Double-array Bolted Joints in Cylindrical Composite Structures
    Myungjun Kim, Yongha Kim, Pyeunghwa Kim and Jungsun Park, vol.17, no.3, pp.332-340, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Effect Of Hole Shapes, Orientation And Hole Arrangements On Film Cooling Effectiveness
    Prakhar Jindal, A.K. Roy and R.P. Sharma, vol.17, no.3, pp.341-351, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Heat Transfer and Frictions in the Rectangular Divergent Channel with Ribs on One Wall
    MyungSung Lee and SooWhan Ahn, vol.17, no.3, pp.352-357, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Analytical Performance Evaluation of Superdetonative Mode Ram Accelerator; Considering Influence of Aluminum Vapor
    Kunmin Sung and In-Seuck Jeung, vol.17, no.3, pp.358-365, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Vision-based Guidance for Loitering over a Target
    Sanghyuk Park, vol.17, no.3, pp.366-377, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Perch Landing Assisted by Thruster (PLAT): Concept and Trajectory Optimization
    Min-Jea Tahk, Seungyeop Han, Byung-Yoon Lee and Jaemyung Ahn, vol.17, no.3, pp.378-390, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Performance Enhancement of a Satellite’s Onboard Antenna Tracking Profile using the Ground Station Searching Method
    Young-Joo Song, Jung-Ro Lee, Jihoon Kang, Moon-Jin Jeon and Sang-il Ahn, vol.17, no.3, pp.391-400, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Electrical Design of a Solar Array for LEO Satellites
    Heesung Park and Hanju Cha, vol.17, no.3, pp.401-408, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Parametric Analysis and Design Optimization of a Pyrotechnically Actuated Device
    Doo-Hee Han, Hong-Gye Sung, Seung-Gyo Jang and Byung-Tae Ryu, vol.17, no.3, pp.409-422, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Wing Design Optimization for a Long-Endurance UAV using FSI Analysis and the Kriging Method
    Seok-Ho Son, Byung-Lyul Choi, Won-Jin Won, Yung-Gyo Lee, Cheol-Wan Kim and Dong-Hoon Choi, vol.17, no.3, pp.423-431, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Simplified Analytical Model for Investigating the Output Power of Solar Array on Stratospheric Airship
    Yuanyuan Zhang, Jun Li, Mingyun Lv, Dongjie Tan, Weiyu Zhu and Kangwen Sun, vol.17, no.3, pp.432-441, 9 2016 [Abstract]
    Test and Simulation of an Active Vibration Control System for Helicopter Applications
    Do-Hyung Kim, Tae-Joo Kim, Se-Un Jung and Dong-Il Kwake, vol.17, no.3, pp.442-453, 9 2016 [Abstract]
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