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Experimental and Computational Study on Separation Control Performance of Synthetic Jets with Circular Exit

Minhee Kim, Byunghyun Lee, Junhee Lee and Chongam Kim
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 3, pp.296-314, 2016

Abstract : This paper presents experimental and computational investigations of synthetic jets with a circular exit for improving flow control performance. First, the flow feature and vortex structure of a multiple serial circular exit were numerically analyzed from the view point of flow control effect under a cross flow condition. In order to improve separation control performance, experimental and numerical studies were conducted according to several key parameters, such as hole diameter, hole gap, the number of hole, jet array, and phase difference. Experiments were carried out in a quiescent condition and a forced separated flow condition using piezoelectrically driven synthetic jets. Jet characteristics were compared by measuring velocity profiles and pressure distributions. The interaction of synthetic jets with a freestream was examined by analyzing vortical structure characteristics. For separation control performance, separated flow over an airfoil at high angles of attack was employed and the flow control performance of the proposed synthetic jet was verified by measuring aerodynamic coefficient. The circular exit with a suitable hole parameter provides stable and persistent jet vortices that do beneficially affect separation control. This demonstrates the flow control performance of circular exit array could be remarkably improved by applying a set of suitable hole parameters.

Keyword : synthetic jet, flow control, vortex structure

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