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Parametric Analysis and Design Optimization of a Pyrotechnically Actuated Device

Doo-Hee Han, Hong-Gye Sung, Seung-Gyo Jang and Byung-Tae Ryu
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 3, pp.409-422, 2016

Abstract : A parametric study based on an unsteady mathematical model of a pyrotechnically actuated device was performed for design optimization. The model simulates time histories for the chamber pressure, temperature, mass transfer and pin motion. It is validated through a comparison with experimentally measured pressure and pin displacement. Parametric analyses were conducted to observe the detailed effects of the design parameters using a validated performance analysis code. The detailed effects of the design variables on the performance were evaluated using the one-at-a-time (OAT) method, while the scatter plot method was used to evaluate relative sensitivity. Finally, the design optimization was conducted by employing a genetic algorithm (GA). Six major design parameters for the GA were chosen based on the results of the sensitivity analysis. A fitness function was suggested, which included the following targets: minimum explosive mass for the uniform ignition (small deviation), light casing weight, short operational time, allowable pyrotechnic shock force and finally the designated pin kinetic energy. The propellant mass and cross-sectional area were the first and the second most sensitive parameters, which significantly affected the pin’s kinetic energy. Even though the peak chamber pressure decreased, the pin kinetic energy maintained its designated value because the widened pin cross-sectional area induced enough force at low pressure.

Keyword : Pyrotechnically actuated device, Performance analysis, Sensitivity analysis, Genetic algorithm optimization

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