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Design Optimization of Double-array Bolted Joints in Cylindrical Composite Structures

Myungjun Kim, Yongha Kim, Pyeunghwa Kim and Jungsun Park
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 3, pp.332-340, 2016

Abstract : A design optimization is performed for the double-bolted joint in cylindrical composite structures by using a simplified analytical method. This method uses failure criteria for the major failure modes of the bolted composite joint. For the doublebolted joint with a zigzag arrangement, it is necessary to consider an interaction effect between the bolt arrays. This paper proposes another failure mode which is determined by angle and distance between two bolts in different arrays and define a failure criterion for the failure mode. The optimal design for the double-bolted joint is carried out by considering the interactive net-tension failure mode. The genetic algorithm (GA) is adopted to determine the optimized parameters; bolt spacing, edge distance, and stacking sequence of the composite laminate. A purpose of the design optimization is to maximize the burst pressure of the cylindrical structures by ensuring structural integrity. Also, a progressive failure analysis (PFA) is performed to verify the results of the optimal design for the double-bolted joint. In PFA, Hashin 3D failure criterion is used to determine the ply that would fail. A stiffness reduction model is then used to reduce the stiffness of the failed ply for the corresponding failure mode.

Keyword : Double-array bolted joint, Cylindrical composite structures, Optimization, Genetic algorithm (GA), Progressive failure analysis (PFA)

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