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Object-Oriented Mission Modeling for Multiple Transport Aircraft

Jing Zang, Hu Liu, Tianping Liu and Xianping Ni
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 14, no. 3, pp.264-271, 2013

Abstract : A method of multiple transport-aircraft mission modeling is proposed in order to improve the efficiency of evaluating and optimizing pre-mission plans. To deal with the challenge of multiple transport-aircraft missions, the object-oriented modeling method is utilized. The elements of the mission are decomposed into objects and businesses, And the major mission objects and their important properties are summarized. A complex mission can be broken down into basic business modules such as the ground section and flight section. The business models of loading and fueling services in the ground section are described. The business model of the flight section is composed of an air route and flight profile with the flight equation and the fuel consumption model. The logical relationship of objects and business modules is introduced. The architecture of the simulation system, which includes a database, computation module, graphical user interface (GUI) module, and a result analysis module, is established. A sample case that includes two different plans is provided to verify the model’s ability to achieve multi-aircraft composite mission simulation.

Keyword : transport aircraft, mission modeling, object-oriented, air transport

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