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A Parametric Study of Ridge-cut Explosive Bolts using Hydrocodes

Juho Lee and Jae-Hung Han/ YeungJo Lee / Hyoungjin Lee
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 1, pp.50-63, 2015

Abstract : Explosive bolts are one of pyrotechnic release devices, which are highly reliable and efficient for a built-in release. Among them, ridge-cut explosive bolts which utilize shock wave generated by detonation to separate bolt body produce minimal fragments, little swelling and clean breaks. In this study, separation phenomena of ridge-cut explosive bolts or ridge-cut mechanism are computationally analyzed using Hydrocodes. To analyze separation mechanism of ridge-cut explosive bolts, fluid-structure interactions with complex material modeling are essential. For modeling of high explosives (RDX and PETN), Euler elements with Jones-Wilkins-Lee E.O.S. are utilized. For Lagrange elements of bolt body structures, shock E.O.S., Johnson-Cook strength model, and principal stress failure criteria are used. From the computational analysis of the author’s explosive bolt model, computational analysis framework is verified and perfected with tuned failure criteria. Practical design improvements are also suggested based on a parametric study. Some design parameters, such as explosive weights, ridge angle, and ridge position, are chosen that might affect the separation reliability; and analysis is carried out for several designs. The results of this study provide useful information to avoid unnecessary separation experiments related with design parameters.

Keyword : Pyrotechnics, Ridge-Cut Explosive Bolts, Hydrocodes, Separation Behavior Analysis.

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