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Pseudospectral Model Predictive Control for Exo-atmospheric Guidance

Tawfiqur Rahman, Hao Zhou, Liang Yang and Wanchun Chen
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 1, pp.64-76, 2015

Abstract : This paper suggests applying pseudospectral model predictive method for exo-atmospheric guidance. The method is a fusion of pseudospectral law and model predictive control, in which a two point boundary value problem is formulated using model predictive approach and solved by applying pseudospectral law. In this work, the method is applied to exo-atmospheric guidance with specific target requirement. The existing exo-atmospheric guidance methods suffice general requirements for guidance, but cannot ensure specific target constraints; whereas, the presented method is able to do so. The proposed guidance law is assessed through simulation of perturbed cases, and the tests suggest that the method is able to operate semi-autonomously under control and thrust vector perturbations.

Keyword : exo-atmospheric guidance, pseudospectral model predictive control, Gauss pseudospectral method, hypersonic vehicle guidance, model predictive control

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