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Predictions on the Internal Loads and Structural Deflection in a Full-scale Experimental Bearingless Rotor

WongJong Eun, HanYeol Ryu and SangJoon Shin/ YoungJung Kee and Deog-Kwan Kim
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 1, pp.110-122, 2015

Abstract : In this paper, the unsteady aerodynamics and blade structural dynamics of an experimental bearingless rotor were analyzed. Due to the multiple load path and nonlinear behavior of a bearingless rotor, sophisticated structural modeling and structural-aerodynamic coupled analysis is required. To predict the internal load and deformation of an experimental bearingless rotor, trim analysis was implemented. The results showed good agreement when compared with those predicted by CAMRAD II the rotorcraft comprehensive analysis. It is possible to extend the present structural-aerodynamic combined analysis to further advanced configurations of the bearingless rotor in the future.

Keyword : Bearingless rotor, Aeromechanical analysis, Rotorcraft comprehensive analysis

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