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Formation Mechanism Analysis and Detection of Charged Particles in an Aero-engine Gas Path

Zhenhua Wen, Junxing Hou and ZhiQiang Jiang
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 2, pp.247-253, 2015

Abstract : The components of an aero-engine gas path cannot be monitored in a timely way due to a lack of real-time monitoring technologies. As an attempt to address this problem, we have conducted research on a condition monitoring technology based on the charging characteristics of particles in an aero-engine gas path, and emphatically analyze the formation of particles in an aero-engine gas path, the charging mechanism of carbon particles and the factors that influence the charge quantity and polarity. The verification experiments are performed on the simulated experiment platform and a turbo-shaft engine test bench. The results show the carbon particles’ carry charge, and an obvious change in the total electrostatic charge level in the aero-engine gas path due to the increased carbon particles produced by burning or abnormal metal particles; the charge number is related to the size of particles, and the bigger carbon particles carry a negative charge and metal particles carry a positive charge; the change in engine power can lead to an obvious change in the level of electrostatic charge in the gas path, and the change in electrostatic charge results from the extra carbon particles formed in the rich-oil burning process. The research provides a reference for establishing the baseline of electrostatic charge while the engine runs on different power. The study also demonstrates the validity of the electrostatic monitoring technology and establishes a base for developing the application of electrostatic monitoring technology in aero-engines.

Keyword : Aero-engine; Electrostatic monitoring; Condition monitoring; Charging particles

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