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A Comparative Study of Transcription Techniques for Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems Using a Pseudo-Spectral Method

Chang-Joo Kim and Sangkyung Sung
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 2, pp.264-277, 2015

Abstract : This article investigates various transcription techniques for the Legendre pseudospectral (PS) method to compare the pros and cons of each approach. Eight combinations from four different types of collocation points and two discretization methods for dynamic constraints, which differentiate Legendre PS transcription techniques, are implemented to solve a carefully selected test set of nonlinear optimal control problems (NOCPs). The convergence property and prediction accuracy are compared to provide a useful guideline for selecting the best combination. The tested NOCPs consist of the minimum time, minimum energy, and problems with state and control constraints. Therefore, the results drawn from this comparative study apply to the solution of similar types of NOCPs and can mitigate much debate about the best combinations. Additionally, important findings from this study can be used to improve the numerical efficiency of the Legendre PS methods. Three PS applications to the aerospace engineering problems are demonstrated to prove this point.

Keyword : collocation points, Gauss quadrature, nonlinear optimal control, pseudospectral transcription techniques

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