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Integrated Guidance and Control Design for the Near Space Interceptor

WANG Fei, LIU Gang/ LIANG Xiao-Geng
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 2, pp.278-294, 2015

Abstract : Considering the guidance and control problem of the near space interceptor (NSI) during the terminal course, this paper proposes a three-channel independent integrated guidance and control (IGC) scheme based on the backstepping sliding mode and finite time disturbance observer (FTDO). Initially, the three-channel independent IGC model is constructed based on the interceptor-target relative motion and nonlinear dynamic model of the interceptor, in which the channel coupling term and external disturbance are regarded as the total disturbances of the corresponding channel. Then, the FTDO is introduced to estimate the target acceleration and control system loop disturbances, and the feed-forward compensation term based on the estimated values is employed to effectively remove the effect of disturbances in finite time. Subsequently, the IGC algorithm based on the backstepping sliding mode is also given to obtain the virtual control moment. Furthermore, a robust least-squares weighted control allocation (RLSWCA) algorithm is employed to distribute the previous virtual control moment among the corresponding aerodynamic fins and reaction jets, which also takes into account the uncertainty in the control effectiveness matrix. Finally, simulation results show that the proposed IGC method can obtain the small miss distance and smooth interceptor trajectories.

Keyword : Integrated guidance and control (IGC), Finite time disturbance observer (FTDO), Backstepping sliding mode, Robust least-squares weighted control allocation (RLSWCA)

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