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Wake Characteristics of Vane-Type Vortex Generators in a Flat Plate Laminar Boundary Layer

HoJoon Shim, Young-Hee Jo, Kyoungsik Chang, Ki-Jung Kwon and Seung-O Park
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.325-338, 2015

Abstract : Experimental and numerical investigations were conducted to identify the wake characteristics downstream of two vanetype vortex generators over laminar flat plate boundary layer. Experimental study was carried out by using the stereoscopic particle image velocimetry. To describe the flow field around the vortex generator in detail, numerical study was performed. We considered two different planform shapes of vortex generator: triangular and rectangular shape. The height of the generator was chosen to be about the boundary layer thickness at the position of its installation. Two different lengths of the generator were chosen: two and five times the height. Wake measurements were carried out at three angles of attack for each configuration. Wake characteristics for each case such as overall vortical structure, vorticity distribution, and location of vortex center with downstream distance were obtained from the PIV data. Wake characteristics, as expected, were found to vary strongly with the geometry and angle of attack so that no general tendency could be deduced. Causes of this irregular tendency were explained by using the results of the numerical simulation.

Keyword : Vortex Generator, Wake Characteristics, Laminar Boundary Layer, Stereoscopic-PIV

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