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Hard-landing Simulation by a Hierarchical Aircraft Landing Model and an Extended Inertia Relief Technique

Kyu Beom Lee , Seon Ho Jeong, Jin Yeon Cho , Jeong Ho Kim and Chan Yik Park
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.394-406, 2015

Abstract : In this work, an efficient aircraft landing simulation strategy is proposed to develop an efficient and reliable hard-landing monitoring procedure. Landing stage is the most dangerous moment during operation cycle of aircraft and it may cause structural damage when hard-landing occurs. Therefore, the occurrence of hard-landing should be reported accurately to guarantee the structural integrity of aircraft. In order to accurately determine whether hard-landing occurs or not from given landing conditions, full nonlinear structural dynamic simulation can be performed, but this approach is highly timeconsuming. Thus, a more efficient approach for aircraft landing simulation which uses a hierarchical aircraft landing model and an extended inertia relief technique is proposed. The proposed aircraft landing model is composed of a multi-body dynamics model equipped with landing gear and tire models to extract the impact force and inertia force at touch-down and a linear dynamic structural model with an extended inertia relief method to analyze the structural response subject to the prescribed rigid body motion and the forces extracted from the multi-body dynamics model. The numerical examples show the efficiency and practical advantages of the proposed landing model as an essential component of aircraft hard-landing monitoring procedure.

Keyword : Structural integrity, Hard-landing monitoring, Landing simulation, Inertia relief

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