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Simulation of Dynamic EADs Jamming Performance against Tracking Radar in Presence of Airborne Platform

Jae-Won Rim, Ki-Hwan Jung, Il-Suek Koh, Chung Baek, Seungsoo Lee and Seung-Ho Choi
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 3, pp.475-483, 2015

Abstract : We propose a numerical scheme to simulate the time-domain echo signals at tracking radar for a realistic scenario where an EAD (expendable active decoy) and an airborne target are both in dynamic states. On various scenarios where the target takes different maneuvers, the trajectories of the EAD ejected from the target are accurately calculated by solving 6-DOF (Degreeof- Freedom) equations of the motion for the EAD. At each sampling time of the echo signal, the locations of the EAD and the target are assumed to be fixed. Thus, the echo power from the EAD can be simply calculated by using the Friis transmission formula. The returned power from the target can be computed based on the pre-calculated scattering matrix of the target. In this paper, an IPO (iterative physical optics) method is used to construct the scattering matrix database of the target. The sinc function-interpolation formulation (sampling theorem) is applied to compute the scattering at any incidence angle from the database. A simulator is developed based on the proposed scheme to estimate the echo signals, which can consider the movement of the airborne target and EAD, also the scattering of the target and the RF specifications of the EAD. For applications, we consider the detection probability of the target in the presence of the EAD based on Monte Carlo simulation.

Keyword : EAD, Radar jamming, 6-DOF

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