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Performance Evaluation of Hinge Driving Separation Nut-type Holding and Releasing Mechanism Triggered by Nichrome Burn Wire

Myeong-Jae LEE, Yong-Keun LEE and Hyun-Ung OH
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 16, no. 4, pp.602-613, 2015

Abstract : As one of the mission payloads to be verified through the cube satellite mission of Cube Laboratory for Space Technology Experimental Project (STEP Cube Lab), we developed a hinge driving separation nut-type holding and releasing mechanism. The mechanism offers advantages, such as a large holding capacity and negligible induced shock, although its activation principle is based on a nylon cable cutting mechanism triggered by a nichrome burn wire generally used for cube satellite applications for the purpose of holding and releasing onboard appendages owing to its simplicity and low cost. The basic characteristics of the mechanism have been measured through a release function test, static load test under qualification temperature limits, and shock measurement test. In addition, the structural safety and operational functionality of the mechanism module under launch and on-orbit environments have been successfully demonstrated through a vibration test and thermal vacuum test.

Keyword : Non-explosive holding and release mechanism, Nichrome burn wire, Cube satellite

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