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Design Optimization of Composite Radar Absorbing Structures to Improve Stealth Performance

Byungwook Jang, Myungjun Kim, Jungsun Park and Sooyong Lee
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 1, pp.20-28, 2016

Abstract : In this study, an efficient method of designing laminate composite radar absorbing structures (RAS) is proposed with consideration given to the structural shape so as to improve aircraft stealth performance. The calculation of the radar cross section (RCS) should be decreased to enhance the efficiency of the stochastic optimization when designing an RAS. In the proposed method, RAS are optimized to match up the input impedance of the minimal RCS, which is obtained by using physical optics and the transmission line theory. Single and double layer dielectric RAS for aircraft wings are employed as numerical examples and designed using the proposed method, RCS minimization and reflection coefficient minimization. The availability of the proposed method is assessed by comparing the similarity of the results and computation time with other design methods. According to the results, the proposed method produces the same results as the stochastic optimization, which adopts the RCS as the objective function, and can improve RAS design efficiency by reducing the number of RCS analyses.

Keyword : Radar absorbing structure (RAS), Radar cross section (RCS), Impedance matching, Design optimization

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