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Rapid Design Method and System Development for Aircraft Wing Structure

Tang Jiapeng, Han Jing/ Luo Mingqiang
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 1, pp.45-53, 2016

Abstract : This work is mainly done by too many manual operations in the aircraft structure design process resulting in heavy workload, low efficiency and quality, non-standardized processes and procedures. A top-down associated design method employing the template parametric technology is proposed here in order to improve the quality of design and efficiency of aircraft wing structure at the preliminary design stage. The appropriate parametric tool is chosen and the rapid design system of knowledgedriven aircraft wing structure is developed. First, a skeleton model of aircraft wing structure is rapidly built up through the template encapsulated design knowledge. Associated design is then introduced to realize the association between the typical structural part and skeleton model. Finally, the related elements are referenced from skeleton model, and a typical structural part reflecting an automatic response for design changes of the upstream skeleton model is quickly constructed within the template. The rapid design system proposed and developed in this paper is able to formalize the design standardization of aircraft wing structure and thus the rapid generation of different aircraft wing structure programs and achieve the structural design knowledge reuse as well.

Keyword : top-down; rapid design; template; aircraft wing structure; associated design

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