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Feasibility Study on Tropospheric Attenuation Effect of Ku/V Band Signal for Korean Satellite Navigation System

Jungkeun Park, Young Jae Lee, Moonseok Choi/Jae-Gyu Jang / Sangkyung Sung
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 1, pp.80-88, 2016

Abstract : For next generation global navigation satellite systems, new carrier frequencies in Ku/V band are expected to emerge as a promising alternative to the current frequency windows in L band as they get severely congestive. In the case of higher frequency bands, signal attenuation phenomenon through the atmosphere is significantly different from the L band signal propagation. In this paper, a fundamental investigation is carried out to explore the Ku/V band as a candidate frequency band for a new global satellite navigation carrier signal, wherein specific attention is given to the effects of the dominant attenuation factors through the tropospheric propagation path. For a specific application, a candidate orbit preliminarily designed for the Korean regional satellite navigation system is adapted. Simulation results summarize that the Ku band can provide a promising satellite navigation implementation considering the present satellite’s power budget, while the V band still requires technical advances in satellite transceiver system implementations.

Keyword : global navigation satellite system, millimeter wave, attenuation, tropospheric propagation, Korean satellite navigation system

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