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RCS Numerical Simulation of Stealth Modified Three-Surface Aircraft

Cheng Liangliang, Yue Kuizhi, Xing CuiFang and Yu Dazhao
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 1, pp.101-108, 2016

Abstract : The RCS characteristics of stealth modified three-surface aircraft are analyzed in this paper. Prototype A is built with CATIA software and the three-dimensional digital models of modified stealth three-surface B and C are also designed based on carrier-based aircraft Su-33; the numerical simulation of RCS characteristics of three-surface aircraft is conducted with RCSAnsys software based on physical optics method and the method of equivalent currents; The following results are obtained by comparative analysis and mathematical statistics: (1) by the use of physical optics method and equivalent electromagnetic current method, the scattering intensity for each part of the model and RCS characteristic of the aircraft can be analyzed efficiently and accurately; (2) compared with model A, the mean RCS value of model B is reduced to 14.1% in forward direction and 48.1% in lateral direction; (3) compared with model A, the mean RCS value of model C decreases to 11.4% in forward direction and 21.6% in lateral direction. The results are expected to provide theoretical basis and technical support to the conceptual design of aircraft and stealth technology research.

Keyword : aircraft conceptual design, three-surface aircraft, stealth, physical optics method, numerical simulation.

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