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Quantitative Assessment of Variation in Poroelastic Properties of Composite Materials Using Micromechanical RVE Models

Su Yeon Han, Sung Jun Kim and Eui Sup Shin
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 2, pp.175-183, 2016

Abstract : A poroelastic composite material, containing different material phases and filled with fluids, serves as a model to formulate the overall ablative behaviors of such materials. This article deals with the assessment of variation in nondeterministic poroelastic properties of two-phase composite materials using micromechanical representative volume element (RVE) models. Considering the configuration and arrangement of pores in a matrix phase, various RVEs are modeled and analyzed according to their porosity. In order to quantitatively investigate the effects of microstructure, changes in effective elastic moduli and poroelastic parameters are measured via finite element (FE) analysis. The poroelastic parameters are calculated from the effective elastic moduli and the pore-pressure-induced strains. The reliability of the numerical results is verified through image-based FE models with the actual shape of pores in carbon-phenolic ablative materials. Additionally, the variation of strain energy density is measured, which can possibly be used to evaluate microstress concentrations.

Keyword : poroelastic properties, composite materials, micromechanics, finite element analysis

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