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On-Board Orbit Propagator and Orbit Data Compression for Lunar Explorer using B-spline

Junghyun Lee, Sujin Choi and Kwanghee Ko
International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sicences, vol. 17, no. 2, pp.240-252, 2016

Abstract : In this paper, an on-board orbit propagator and compressing trajectory method based on B-spline for a lunar explorer are proposed. An explorer should recognize its own orbit for a successful mission operation. Generally, orbit determination is periodically performed at the ground station, and the computed orbit information is subsequently uploaded to the explorer, which would generate a heavy workload for the ground station and the explorer. A high-performance computer at the ground station is employed to determine the orbit required for the explorer in the parking orbit of Earth. The method not only reduces the workload of the ground station and the explorer, but also increases the orbital prediction accuracy. Then, the data was compressed into coefficients within a given tolerance using B-spline. The compressed data is then transmitted to the explorer efficiently. The data compression is maximized using the proposed methods. The methods are compared with a fifth order polynomial regression method. The results show that the proposed method has the potential for expansion to various deep space probes.

Keyword : B-spline, lunar exploration, orbit propagator, trajectory, data compression

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